TeleCloud Announces The First All-In-One, Fully Hosted, and Fully Supported 3CX Solution

TeleCloud Announces Fully-Hosted & Supported 3CX Solution - PR

FRISCO, Texas – April 12, 2021: PRLog — Telecloud is proud to announce its platinum partnership for 2 years in a row with 3CX, providing an all-in-one solution that allows businesses to finally use 3CX without having to manage all the moving parts of hosting, SIP trunking, and support. This solution makes it simple for businesses of all shapes and sizes to be able to easily take advantage of the power of the 3CX to drive productivity, without any hassle.

Many companies already know 3CX as a PBX platform. However, they find it difficult to understand and manage 3CX since they are not VoIP experts and need to focus on their own business, not having dedicated staff for just a single application.

While some turn to 3CX to save money on their phone system costs, they often find that the unknown costs of paying a 3rd party for support end up costing more than they originally intended.

Focusing on the needs of business owners, TeleCloud has designed a solution that allows businesses to forget about managing all the moving parts of their 3CX system and finally gives them unlimited support for all their users. That means businesses can finally go to one provider for their 3CX PBX hosting, SIP Trunking, and support at one low monthly rate. Even the cost for the IP phone equipment is included!

Modern telecom solutions are more than just making or receiving calls. If designed and implemented correctly, they become the lifeblood of every business. Using out-of-the-box 3CX modules, organizations can customize call Queues, call flow routing, use mobile applications and more, giving them the competitive edge they are looking for.

TeleCloud is providing utilizes the already existing 3CX services with additional features at no additional charge such as:

  • Unlimited 3CX Support for all Users
  • Unlimited User Training
  • Unlimited Domestic Calling
  • Fully-managed Hosting
  • IP Phone Equipment

“For organizations wanting to use 3CX up until now, they often hit a roadblock in understanding how to deploy and manage such a complex solution with so many moving parts. The idea of such an advanced system was nice, but they didn’t have the dedicated staff to manage it and their outsourced IT person did not provide sufficient availability and support. This is why TeleCloud has created an all-in-one solution for 3CX users. It’s like the 3CX solution is now a fully baked cake, and the features above are layered on just like icing,” Said the COO of TeleCloud.

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Telecloud is an industry leader that offers tailor-made and unified solutions that are pocket-friendly. The company’s vision is to provide every business with a premium technology solution so that they achieve their goals with a centralized communication system.

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