TeleCloud Announces New Fully Hosted Solution and Custom Integrations for 3CX PBX Platform

TeleCloud Announces Fully Hosted & Custom Integrations for 3CX PBX - PR

This is to announce a new strategic move by TeleCloud to present a fully hosted version of the trusted and growing 3CX PBX Platform.

This shift in focus away from the traditional on-site deployment of 3CX will complement and improve the company’s services and create a better experience for the customer. It aims to blend TeleCloud’s industry-leading VoIP solutions, customization, and Telecom services with the 3CX PBX Platform’s industry-leading enterprise performance to provide top-notch system solutions.

With technology playing a crucial role in almost every aspect of life and business, organizations are now identifying their needs to accelerate growth. TeleCloud is working hard to make sure that its clients have the required competitive edge. 

The TeleCloud and 3CX PBX Platform association blend deep business and technological strategies, Cloud-hosted VoIP, and other telecom services to help businesses achieve successful transformations in terms of communication upgrades in a post-COVID business environment.

Since many businesses are now looking to VoIP as the future of their communication, they see the potential of the 3CX platform. However, many find 3CX too difficult to understand, deploy and manage on their own.

This hosting and integration initiative will provide powerful telecom solutions to businesses to improve their internal processes and make it easy to deploy and manage the 3CX solution. TeleCloud’s expertise in understanding complex telecom products coupled with its insightful engineering and agility is uniquely paired with how the 3CX PBX Platform functions. This initiative will create industry-leading technology products, solutions, and platforms.

Additionally, this focus on making 3CX a fully hosted product will allow TeleCloud to offer a far simpler deployment of an already advanced PBX platform.

This initiative is aimed to help both end-users and IT professionals alike. Since IT professionals are quite trusted within a business, they often want to capitalize on their existing relationships with end-users by offering them more products and services. However, VoIP and hosted PBX platforms such as 3CX have proved difficult because they tend to require too much in the way of a learning curve and support and management.

With the fully hosted 3CX solution from TeleCloud, IT professionals can now offer 3CX to their customers while leveraging the support and knowledge of the TeleCloud team to deploy and support the customer for years to come.

Customers also receive unlimited support and training for their 3CX PBX, something unheard of within the industry thus far. 

“By focusing on improving the experience of the 3CX PBX Platform, we feel we can help businesses get exactly what they are looking for with the best of both worlds – cost savings and peace of mind. We are focused on providing the best experience a customer could hope for while helping businesses to save substantially over the other VoIP options that are currently in the marketplace.” Says Rusty Bridges, the VP of Sales for TeleCloud. “By providing a fully hosted version of 3CX, we will unlock the full potential of business communication while providing the peace of mind and end-user training for their VoIP system that businesses so desperately need,” he added.

This PR is originally published at PRLog on May 19, 2021


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