Benefits of Hosted VoIP for Business [Shared by Experts]

Top 21 Benefits of Hosted VoIP Shared by Industry Experts - TeleCloud

The benefits of hosted VoIP over traditional phone systems are extensive. And, every business stands to benefit by implementing this sophisticated communications technology. 

In this blog, we’ve asked the top industry leaders using hosted VoIP efficiently and compiled every small detail about it in this post.

In our expert round-up, we have covered;

  1. Benefits of Using Hosted VoIP Systems
  2. And, Benefits of Choosing a Hosted VoIP Service Provider

But, before that, let’s start with some interesting stats about VoIP:

1. 61% of Businesses are Cutting Down their Traditional Phone Lines (Blueface)

According to a recent survey by Blueface, 61% of the CEOs have claimed to switch to VoIP services once the current contract with their traditional phone line provider ends. 

Perhaps some of them are late bloomers, but better late than never. Why is VoIP technology so popular among the business community?

Well It Has a Lot to do with the Cost Savings.

2. On an Average Basis, there are 30-50% Savings After Switching to a VoIP System (Telzio)

Implementing a VoIP system doesn’t require additional equipment; it’s already less expensive than using an on-premise phone system.

In addition, companies see a significant reduction in telecommunication expenses, so installing a VoIP system can be beneficial if your business depends on phone lines.

3. Startups witness a 90% reduction in starting costs by using the VoIP system (Startupanz)  

This is true for businesses that are constantly dependent on communication – call centers, the hospitality industry, the health sector, outsourcing agencies, and so on.  

Enough with the stats. Let’s hear a little more about hosted VoIP from the experts!

Introduction to Hosted VoIP by Bob Scott, Founder of Sell Land

Bob has given us a brief introduction to hosted VoIP. He said, “Needless to say, communication is important to the success of every business. Hosted VoIP is an internet-based telephony communication used to access any online communication services you need at an affordable price. 

And, It is managed by a third-party provider that upgrades traditional landlines and the associated analog equipment to a cloud-based phone system. Your business’ connectivity will take up a notch using its myriad of features.” 

→ Benefits of Using Hosted VoIP System [Shared by EXPERTS]

Let’s dive in to check the significant benefits of hosted VoIP systems shared by our experts:

1. Lynda Fairly, Co-founder of Numlooker

Lynda shared their business case study with us. She said, “We got benefited from a hosted VoIP system. As a result, it has been possible for our employees to have cost-effective telephony solutions ready in the market. 

With this, we have offered better customer service, cheaper call rates, and quality voice calls to all our customers.” 

In addition, the savings that we have made from adopting digital communications methods have helped us increase our service levels while giving back more benefits to the customers.

She further added, “Another benefit of using a hosted VoIP service is that you will be able to make your telephony services available to your customers all over the world. You can do this by using the internet and saving on airtime and transportation costs when calling from one country to another in countries in which your customers live.”

In the long run, the differences between using a hosted VoIP and a self-hosted system are insignificant due to the hosting advantages. 

2. Josiah Salser, COO at TeleCloud

Josiah said,Apart from cost efficiency, accessibility is another significant benefit of VoIP for businesses.

He further added Cloud-based VoIP service offers the ability to make calls from anywhere. You can make and receive business calls without any jitters and call drops if you have a decent internet connection. And when you’re busy on something else, you can direct calls to another person or get voicemails in your mailbox.

Another noted benefit of VoIP is the ability to take your business phone with you with nothing more than a softphone app.

3. Jeff Johnson, Acquisition Manager of Simple Homebuyers

Jeff said,Organizations are slowly moving towards Hosted VoIP System as it can be adjusted to suit your business needs.

He explained, “Hosted VoIP has helped my business build its internal and external communication, which has helped us given the current remote working condition. Pre-sales and Post-sales operations have also been streamlined due to its integration with our CRM tool.”

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4. Shad Elia, CEO of New England Home Buyers

According to Elia, businesses can experience VoIP’s immediate and long-term benefits, like; 

Cost Savings: “Hosted PBX lowers the total cost of ownership, particularly hardware costs, as there is no PBX equipment to purchase or lease. The majority of corporate Hosted VoIP plans include unlimited nationwide calling. In addition, employees may communicate with one another for free.”

Mobility: Employees can utilize their Business VoIP number to make or receive calls on their smartphones, tablets, or desktop PCs via the mobility features of Hosted Voice and Unified Communications.

Less Reliance on IT: Simply put, Hosted VoIP is easier and cheaper to manage and support, in part because the Hosted PBX service and its features reside in the cloud. Hosted VoIP eliminates the need to maintain PBX hardware. 

In addition, users can manage VoIP features and call routing themselves via an easy-to-use web interface.

5. Farid Ait Ahcene, VoIP Product Engineer at Sky Switch

Farid said,VoIP Channels cost less than physical landlines and Extensions (Users) can share lines rather than requiring one line per user.

He shared the following list of hosted VoIP benefits:

  • Extension twinning (possibility to have the same extension registered on multiple devices.
  • Extension monitoring and call reporting 
  • Integration with CRMs, PMS, billing systems, and other computer programs via API.
  • Workers can use their extensions anywhere in the world.
  • VoIP systems are easy to move if the company’s physical location changes.

6. Ray Paskey, President of Class5 Technologies

Ray said, “Hosted VoIP enables small business owners to increase their daily productivity and streamline their workflows accordingly while saving on monthly costs.

In addition, when you choose an off-premises cloud provider, you also save on maintenance and upgrade costs that come with on-premises hardware. 

Further, he added that a hosted VoIP provider handles all programming, maintenance, and upgrades for your business phone system so that you do not have to worry about hiring additional support staff to maintain it in-house. 

In addition, you’ll see the savings from not having to pay for additional maintenance or troubleshooting issues. 

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7. Alex Walton, Content Manager of

According to Alex, “Along with the lower costs and greater flexibility, Hosted VoIP services are often feature-rich, far beyond what a physical phone system could offer. This is thanks to their being built by software developers.

Despite the under-the-hood complexity, modern hosted VoIP systems are developed like any app, and updates and new features are rolled out frequently”.

VoIP Integrations with various CRMs, like Pipedrive and Hubspot, are a popular benefit of hosted VoIP solutions. 

8. Christian Velitchkov, Co-Founder of  Twiz LLC

According to Christian “Using a hosted VoIP system can significantly benefit your business as it offers a variety of features that provide excellent connectivity at a fair price.”

The good news is that VoIP is easier to set up than traditional phones. In addition, VoIP providers maintain PBXs, so you will not have to purchase equipment.

9. Jonathan Tian, Co-Founder of Mobitrix

Jonathan said, “Hosted VoIP systems have a vast number of benefits. The connectivity is excellent at an affordable cost. This is very easy to set up, unlike conventional phone systems.”
This will connect all the needed people easily to increase communication efficiency and security. Long-distance phone calls over the internet are possible through this technology. This will save your business, reduce costs, connect the people and help increase the strong communication network.

10. Luis Lopez, CEO at Go Freight Hub 

Luis said, With VolP, you can be assured of quality communication between workers at a much cheaper rate.

For example, making long-distance phone calls are usually more expensive. VoIP offers low charges for long-distance calls, and so, employees can communicate for as long as they want without being wary of incurring extra bills on the company. 

He further added, VolP doesn’t require any installations or hardware. VoIP can be used on devices equipped with an internet connection, and as such, doesn’t require any extra cost for installation.”

11. Sylvie Coleman, Head of Marketing for Family Destinations Guide

Sylvie said, Mobility. Over the years, I have seen many changes, and many new VoIP systems can integrate with mobile solutions to provide consistent availability to their clients.

She further added, “VoIP gives access no matter where a user is located. This means that users are no longer tethered to an office desk phone and can be reached whether on the go, remote, or outside the office. And it’s something that every company is happy about. Being able to cater to its clients without worrying of being interrupted with the lines.

12. Julia Watts, Content Manager at Expert Market

Julia said,Benefits of using hosted VoIP as a business are that you can use the system on any device, anywhere with an internet connection, so your team can efficiently communicate while working remotely.

In addition, these systems come with a variety of features, including customizable auto attendants and unified communications features such as instant messaging and video conferencing. 

13. Caio Bersot, CTO at

Caio said, “Hosted VoIP systems support cloud-based applications as well as teleconferencing tools. Thus, it fosters communication and improves productivity. Whether the employees are working in an office or remotely, a hosted VoIP can facilitate communication efficiency and eliminate the need for emails and voicemails.”

14. Eden Cheng, Co-founder of PeopleFinderFree 

Eden said, One of the most significant benefits of using Hosted VoIP is that most of these packages often come with unlimited nationwide calling. This often results in dramatic savings in regards to making long-distance costs between employees.

Moreover, Hosted VoIP allows employees to use their numbers to make or receive calls on their phones, tablets, or even PCs. This does well to streamline interaction and simplify collaboration between teams and departments, which in turn helps to increase efficiency and productivity in any work environment.

15. Austin Dowse, CEO of Aimvein

Austin said, “Hosted VoIP system can benefit your business in a variety of ways. You will be able to cut down on your office’s telephone equipment bill, increase the security of your communications, and never worry about making sure that your phones are functioning properly ever again. 

He further added a hosted VoIP system is different from an on-site PBX system in that it is based entirely online. This means that you will need an Internet connection for this type of system.

Since you will not need to install any equipment in your building, there are no wires or cables to set up. The service is always available online; however, you can use both wired and wireless devices to make calls using the service.

As we have discussed above the benefits of hosted VoIP system. It’s very essential to discuss how to get the most out of it. For this, you need to choose a reliable hosted VoIP service provider!

→ Benefits of Choosing a Dedicated Hosted VoIP Service Provider

Let’s discuss what our experts have to say about the hosted VoIP service providers!

16. Stephen Curry, the CEO of CocoSign

According to StephenThe VoIP service provider maintains the PBX, and you save money on equipment purchases. The provider bears a majority of the expenses, so installation costs are kept to a minimum. 

Also, because hosted VoIP is based on a cloud system, there are no ongoing maintenance costs. VoIP ensures bandwidth is used efficiently for continuous and effective communication.

17. Corey McCraw, Unified Communications Analyst at Fit Small Business

Corey said,A hosted VoIP service provider benefits your business because it places your communications stack in very capable hands. Rather than build an on-premise private branch exchange (PBX), your provider manages things like server maintenance and has features like geo-redundancy to maintain high service uptimes. 

Additionally, VoIP providers have features like cheap, and sometimes even free, international calling so that it’s easy to branch out into new territories.

Hosted VoIP provides a cheaper, clearer means of making calls. There’s no need for a dedicated server or phone room with VoIP – the provider manages call availability, and they also provide useful features that come bundled in with the service, like call forwarding, auto attendants/IVRs, and extensions. Many of the features that come standard with VoIP can cost you hundreds of dollars with a landline calling system.

18. Ricci Masero, VoIP Specialist at White Rabbit Consultancy

Ricci added that “Businesses can benefit from significant cost reductions to their phone bill, in both rental costs and call charges. If you can use a VoIP service that doesn’t tie you into using their proprietary hardware you can also benefit in cost savings by using refurbished VoIP phones. This can also be recognized as a factor in carbon footprint reduction because the process of refurbishing a handset produces less carbon than manufacturing new hardware.”

19. Cindy Corpis, CEO of SearchPeopleFree

Cindy said “Hosted VoIP providers enormously benefit businesses, as it possesses significant yet several features, which provide superior connectivity at budget-friendly prices. The top-notch news is that VoIP is highly hassle-free to establish like the conventional phone system as its provider maintains the PBX, and you can save a good amount of money on equipment purchase. 

The most significant benefit of VoIP is the constrained charges associated with software and hardware, which are needed to operate the system. You will get cost-efficient hardware and software, where the quality providers ensure that your business will avail of the updated software. 

She further added, Also, this hosted VoIP helps provide worldwide access. When choosing a hosted VoIP, you must consider its plans and pricing, mobility features, and easy integrations. This cloud-based communication solution works when you buy an on-premise PBX, a phone, and a server system your organization maintains onsite.

Also, it can work while outsourcing access to an outside provider, and they can look after IP-PBX technical support and server maintenance.”

20. Philip Pasma, Founder of Asterisk Marketing Inc

According to Philip “Hosted VoIP Provider can significantly benefit your business as it has a bunch of unique features that provide excellent connectivity at affordable prices. With hosted VoIP providers, your business can gain the maximum profit at the lowest possible business cost you could have never imagined. 

Worldwide adoption of hosted VoIP service is increasing notably since most companies look to reduce business costs and generate maximum profit by low-capital investment.

Final Thoughts

As you can see in the above list, the benefits of hosted VoIP and dedicated VoIP providers are many. As a result, businesses worldwide are embracing this powerful technology and realizing the advantages it provides.

If you’re ready to explore more of what Hosted VoIP can do for your business, don’t miss our robust VoIP services. What’s even better is that you can try it for FREE for 7 days!

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