14 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Hosted VoIP

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As a business leader, it is always important to look for better ways to improve overall efficiency and find ways to communicate in better ways. As a result, people turn to VoIP solutions to find how their business operations can run better.

According to Forbes, businesses are shifting toward cloud-based solutions, with companies realizing that Hosted VoIP is the future of communications.

14 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Hosted VoIP Solution 

There are various reasons why companies are switching to hosted VoIP. We’ll cover the top 14 in this blog post;

1. Perfect for Remote Teams: 

Hosted VoIP is the perfect solution for the employees working remotely, as it allows them to take and receive calls anywhere at any time.

This means the communication between them will not be bounded by telephone lines or with the physical locations.

A reliable Internet connection is needed to make calls to another city, state, or even the country. For remote employees: 

  • It makes remote working easy:  With the SaaS (Service as a Software), hosted VoIP allows managers to handle their network and host all necessary functionalities with the cloud. All these functionalities make remote work easy; the cloud system also eliminates the need for storage devices and flash drivers that can be a threat if any confidential information is shared.
  • Allow working on the go: Modern employees like to work from both their mobiles and personal devices. With VoIP, no one has to compromise with their work; employees can work from anywhere.

2. Cost Saving:

Another reason to change to Hosted VoIP is cost-saving. This helps small businesses save a lot of money in various areas, including:

  • Few equipment requirements
  • Low long distance bills
  • Minimal setup fee
  • Lower monthly service fee
  • No extra customization fee

3. Mobility:

Working from the office start becoming minimal as the companies start working as distributed remote teams. There is also a huge growth in the overall percentage of employees that work from home. With hosted VoIP, there is an increase in mobility, which helps teams improve flexibility. 

They can use their phones like they are in the office; it can help them make and receive calls from their recognized phone number. This is also convenient for the clients as well as customers who communicate with text messages. 

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4. Customized to Fit your Office Needs: 

Hosted VoIP also allows you to take charge of your phone system. Using them, you no longer have to depend upon your telecom company to make changes in how your phone system works. Instead, you have full control of everything and can easily customize your system whenever you want. 

You can do all of this through a hosted VoIP PBX provider. Then, simply from your computer or through the web, you can customize your business with no extra fee.

Besides, your team will be able to change the setting in just a few minutes, like series ringing, call groups, or simultaneous ringing.

This also means, if your business is suffering from power loss or has connectivity issues, or is taken down with some malware attack, you simply go to a place that has a strong internet connection and gets started from your device.

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5. Hosted VoIP is Portable:

With hosted VoIP services, you never have to miss any call. With simply a desk phone or a smartphone app, you can make calls to/from your main number.

6. Reliability:

With a traditional phone system, you simply have to sit at the desk, and the chance to miss the calls becomes high. However, hosted VoIP allows you to take advantage of more opportunities by making you have few missed calls and more calls attended.

In addition, instead of directing calls to a one-person, hosted VoIP lets you redirect them to the available person.

You can set the automatic call distribution setup to determine who takes the call and when. For missed calls, you can also set up missed call texting feature to ensure that your callers don’t have to wait. 

7. Scalability:

With a traditional phone system, there are bound to be growing pains as you hire new employees or move to a larger space. A new hire will require adding a phone line, getting them set up in your system, and even re-recording parts of your phone tree. 

Companies that have made the switch to hosted VoIP appreciate that they can add new employees instantly without having to pay an arm and a leg. All they have to do is log into their VoIP software and adjust some basic settings.

No, IT help is required! This ease of use factor applies to hosted VoIP.

If you choose on-premises VoIP, you may still need some technical expertise to configure hardware, but it’s not going to be as labor-intensive or complicated as a traditional PBX system. 

Cloud hosting can take your business to new heights, with hosted VoIP adding more benefits. Adding lines, deleting profiles, and changing accounts can be done through the hosted VoIP PBX’s web portal. 

For this, you don’t even have to install extra hardware or software. Neither do you have to calculate or change any plan for scheduled maintenance? Cloud services include sharing storage, processor, memory, network bandwidth, and as customers grow, resources get re-allocated. 

8. SaaS Integration: 

Some hosted VoIP PBX can integrate with SaaS through APIs that allow simplified integration with all your platforms. In addition, businesses are moving to the cloud and are using communications from the hosted VoIP with CRM, HR system, and ERP. 

Hosted VoIP also allows you to connect with the single source of your telephone conversations, voicemail messages for a more efficient workflow.

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9. Hosted VoIP is Easy to Relocate: 

Hosted VoIP PBX is easy to relocate than on-premises PBX systems. So, if you are changing offices or temporarily relocating the staff, you will notice that your hosted VoIP PBX will not even change. 

If you are changing your office’s IP address, some small changes in the web browser are enough. Some web portals web-portals are very powerful and also offer customer support who can assist you in dealing with issues related to the move so if you are thinking about moving to a new location. 

10. Full Proof Disaster Recovery:

In today’s time, businesses need a full-proof disaster management plan; the risk of fires, flood, or other miscellaneous damages are high. However, hosted VoIP is safe and secure; you can rely on it for all your tasks and everything. 

Even if your business location gets down, you will have full control of your telephony services. And, if you need a new desk telephone, all you need is to call your provider, and they will ship you a new telephone. Once you have a new telephone, connect them to a Power-over-Ethernet cable. 

These cables will download all your current telephone configurations, which means if you can’t fully operate your business, you will still be able to make/receive calls, talk with customers, and more. 

11. Long Term Saving:

One most common advantages of Hosted VoIP PBX is its long-term cost savings. Often because of less hardware and maintenance, but also pooled licensure and support/maintenance. On-premises PBX systems need hardware, and it requires the cost of hardware upgrades, maintenance, and repairs.

12. Cloud Hosting Provides Backup:

A key feature of industry-based cloud-hosted services is that they provide safe access and backup of everything. So, retrieving call history, voicemail messages, recording conversation, and even users or system profile versions is simple and quick. 

13. Connect with Multiple Offices:

If you have multiple locations or you’re thinking of expanding, now is the ideal time to begin evaluating VoIP providers. Though an on-premises VoIP solution will require a separate system for each location, hosted VoIP does not. It’s relatively easy to add locations, and most of the work can be done by anyone on your team with a little technical help from your VoIP provider.

14. Act as a Self-Service Portal:

Although hosted VoIP offers remote support options to all our customers, Telecloud VoIP is intuitive and easy to navigate. You won’t have to wait days on end for an engineer to arrive at your offices or be charged an expensive call-out charge. They (or you) can simply log into your cloud-based system and make changes yourself within minutes. Of course, if you need help and you are unsure, you can simply contact them with the query, and we will be there to help. 

Still not convinced? Here is what you NEED to CHECK.

In our recent blog, we’ve asked the top industry leaders about the benefits of using hosted VoIP solutions, and have compiled them here.

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As compared to on-premises VoIP, hosted VoIP offers various benefits; however, the difference between the two is that with hosted VoIP, the provider gives all the equipment, which makes them responsible for maintenance and all upgrades.

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