Working Remotely: How The Right Phone System Can Change Your Business

How the Right Cloud Based Phone System Can Transform your Business - TeleCloud

Remote working has become the new norm for businesses around the world. The industry is no longer limited to fax and mobile does service. Evolutions like high-speed Internet, video streaming, 5G, and cloud-hosted VoIP are fueling its growth. 

According to Forbes, approximately 70% of employees will be working remotely by 2025. With that being said, you can assure yourself that remote work will grow only.

Since you’re reading this article, you might also be considering remote work for your company. Below you can find the full list of benefits of remote work, so you can more easily make the decision on whether remote work is beneficial in your case.

Benefits of Remote Working For Businesses:

Remote working has always been appreciated by employees, as it provides flexibility in the form of personal and professional control. So, if you are planning to extend telework for your employees, have a look at these benefits:

  1. High Productivity
  2. Low Expenditure
  3. No more Absenteeism
  4. Retention
  5. Better Disaster Preparedness
  6. Reduced Carbon Footprint

Let’s discuss these benefits in detail;

1. High Productivity:

Employees who work from home are more productive than those who are in the office. This is hard to believe, especially when remote work brings up the slouching picture of people, but there is evidence that claims high productivity among employees. Check them out:

2. Low Expenditure: 

Either working from the office or home business phone systems help businesses save approximately $2,000 per employee every year. This includes the workspace and operational cost, and it can be a game-changer for small/medium businesses.

3. No more Absenteeism:

Remote work employees are more productive and are less likely to take work off. Also, high productivity and increased performance create strong engagement, which also means lower absenteeism.

4. Retention: 

Employees are more likely to work for companies that offer more flexibility, which results in more employee retention and reduced turnover.

5. Better Disaster Preparedness: 

A remote work contingency plan at the time of a natural disaster or an outbreak can be a wise choice. This ensures that the employees are protected and your business is safe.

6. Reduced Carbon Footprint: 

Remote work is also good for the environment. Let’s consider this- nearly half of the jobs in the U.S are capable of remote work, and 79% of them want to telecommute. So, if these professionals start working from their homes, more than 50 million tons of greenhouse gas would be saved from entering the atmosphere.

Upwork survey reveals, 1 in 4 Americans will be working remotely by the end of 2021.

And, if you are planning to provide a remote work environment, you may require different types of communication tools and software solutions, so that your employees know how to work from home efficiently. What constitutes the right setup to promote a remote work environment? It starts with a cloud-based phone system for remote work.

How Cloud-Based Business Phones Enhance Remote Work?

Setting up your phone on the cloud comes with many advantages like lower monthly bills, reduced phone cost, improved mobility, etc. In addition, people enjoy the scalability and flexibility that only cloud-based phone systems deliver. So, before getting into how these phones enhance remote work and the advantages of VoIP, let’s first understand what cloud based phone systems are?

What are Cloud based Phone Systems? 

Cloud phone services are the ones that run on the Internet instead of any device housed in your location. This means you don’t need any tapes, wires, or central services to configure everything.

Unlike traditional phones, which require high setup, cloud based phone systems are affordable, agile, and streamlined. In addition, they help stretch limited IT resources because the services are managed and hosted by the service provider.

Advantages of Using a Cloud Based Phone for Remote Teams

Advantages of Using a Cloud Based Phone for Remote Teams - TeleCloud

Most location-based phones involve an upfront cost of the respective hardware and software, which increases the company’s capital expenditure. On the other hand, you need minimal hardware, allowing businesses to work under the operating expense model. This also means you pay only for what you need.

To break it down a bit further, here are some specific advantages of using a cloud based phone system for remote work:

1. Ease of Remote Work: 

Audio conferencing and video web meetings on a cloud phone system ensure connectivity among workers and better team interactions. The ability to set up quick calls allows employees to collaborate with the team at any time. Unlike traditional handsets, cloud phone systems quickly integrate with the voicemail, corporate directory, and other things of business phone systems.

2. Access to Robust Call Features: 

A cloud based phone system will give you access to most of the VoIP features; some of them are:

  • Automatic call recording
  • Custom caller ID
  • One-click conference calls
  • Multi-level auto attendants
  • Advanced call forwarding
  • Call analytics and logs

With all these services, you can deliver customer services from any location.

3. CRM Integration: 

A cloud based phone system easily integrates with the CRM system. The software running the CRM connects with the phone system and keeps data of incoming/outgoing calls. So, instead of tracking calls manually, you can devote time to other important work.

You can also access the details of calls and callers, which can be used to reach the customers you have missed. This is particularly useful when you have customers in different locations.

4. Mobility and Reliability: 

Freedom of movement is another reason why you should switch to cloud-based platforms. You can move to any location without uprooting your entire communication system, even if your business moves to a new location.

Also, cloud-based systems rely on remote data services and use redundancy, which means if one data center goes down, the other will pick it up to provide uninterrupted services.

5. Cost-saving: 

These phone systems are more affordable than traditional ones as they rely on your Internet connection. Using them, you don’t have to worry about the recurring maintenance and upfront investment costs.

6. Improved Customer Engagement: 

A cloud based phone system with high uptime, efficient call routing, mobility improves customer experience. With features like a virtual Receptionist and auto attendant,  it enhances customer engagement by not letting them wait for their query.

7. Cloud Phone System Supports Remote Work: 

Traditional phone systems with outdated PBX can’t meet today’s work needs. Cloud VoIP, on the other hand, adheres to everyone’s needs. Using them, you can:

  • Make and receive phone calls with VoIP softphone.
  • Take benefits of features like virtual voicemail, call recording, and call forwarding.
  • Communicate with better quality
  • Communicate with the same phone number, even if your business changes location

8. Unified Communications: 

With UCaaS (a service when your phone needs Internet access), it’s easy to centralize all your business communications to a single platform. It improves productivity and on-site collaborations. It eliminates the barriers that come with outdated communication systems.

9. High-quality Calls: 

Technological advancements in VoIP ensure that poor call quality is now a thing of the past. You will be able to make quality calls without interruption.

Tips for Moving your Phone to VoIP for Remote Working 

Tips for Moving your Phone to VoIP for Remote Working - TeleCloud

Switching your phone to the cloud will bring many benefits which traditional phone systems cannot match. Here are few things to make you are moving easy and smoothly:

  • Plan Ahead: Know your company’s growth, network requirements, and ISP bandwidth so that your Internet service provider will have solutions to the forthcoming obstacles.
  • Use all VoIP Features: Take advantage of built-in VoIP features like auto attendants, call recordings, call routing, and more.

How Does the Telecloud Help You Boost Remote Work Productivity?

1. Extensive Mobility: Remote working has been on the rise; with telecloud VoIP services, you will be able to take your work on handhelds. With a working internet connection, you can interact with clients, make voice calls, and more in a few clicks.

2. Affordability: Telecloud is one of the most affordable service providers in the VoIP industry. With them, you don’t have to invest in expensive hardware and telephone lines. Instead, browse their plans, or customize them according to your business needs.

3. Scalability: Telecloud telephony solutions let you add more people to one platform to communicate efficiently. You can also customize it to enhance your CRM integration.

4. Reliability: The reliable and resilient nature of Telecloud telephony makes data secure from any disaster. Also, you don’t have to worry about downtimes or any data loss.

5. Builds your Company Reputation: Telecloud VoIP phone solution ensures quality calls with no call drops or packet jitters. This means increased brand reputation and quality services.

6. Better Control: With cloud telephony, you can benefit from features like call recording, which is not present in traditional phones. Not only does the feature help you enhance business communications, but the recorded calls can also be used for training purposes.

7. Improved Security: Cloud-based solutions are easy to upgrade; you can seamlessly switch to the latest software with added security.

8. Access to Rich Business Features: Telecloud, our hosted Internet service, is business-friendly and is loaded with rich features. For example, you might take advantage of call schedules, post-call surveys, voicemail, and more.


Cloud phone systems have become a rage and all because of their impressive benefits. While hosted VoIP provides a plethora of impressive features, the enterprise-grade options give customers more flexibility and reliability. So, if you think you need to switch to these platforms, make it happen!

Telecloud will add new features without any hardware updates. With us, you don’t have to raise any requests. Also, you can tailor your cloud phone system according to your business needs.

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