Top 7 Reasons Why You Are Paying Too Much For Your Business Internet Service

Reasons you are paying too much for your business internet service - TeleCloud

Rising prices and slow internet speeds are no less than a puzzle for businesses. These can be so frustrating, especially if you are paying for fast data connectivity and you frequently struggle with data outages. Added to that, many businesses end up paying too much for broadband internet service.

Undoubtedly, business broadband comes with additional features, including faster speed, access to static IP addresses, web services, enhanced customer support, and more.

Still, there are several reasons you might be overpaying for your business internet service.

Below are the Top 7 Reasons and Possible Solutions to Cut down your Business Internet Bill;

1. You Pay For More Speed Than You Need

You pay for more speed than you need

One of the significant reasons most people gravitate towards the biggest and most expensive internet service plans is that they don’t want to get stuck with slow internet speed. However, unless a business requires heavy internet usage, 25 Mbps is an ideal bandwidth for simple tasks such as downloading files, business communications, and general wi-fi use for a small business. Thus, if you are paying for 500Mbps or more, you may be overpaying.

Solution Find out your business’s internet speed requirements and then look for the service provider that offers you what you need. If you think that you are paying more, consider downsizing to a less costly plan that caters to your needs.

2. You Get Trapped In Deals And Promotional Prices

Many broadband service providers try to attract people by offering great prices on internet packs for 12, 18, or 24 months. 

An Ofcom report says that half a million customers living in areas without superfast networks struggle with internet service price variations based on contract status.

Moreover, customers who are on deals end up paying more as there is an automatic price increase at the end. Those who have a package with both broadband and landline pay around 20% more because the best deals are offered to new subscribers.

Solution It is best to go with a no-contract business internet solution so that you don’t have to deal with increased rates after you sign up. Look for a plan that offers maximum flexibility; it would be helpful if your internet requirements change in the future.

3. You Don’t Get The Speed You Pay For

Customers often experience the difference between the internet speeds a provider advertises and what they actually get. These discrepancies don’t necessarily mean that the provider is trying to trick you. Instead, several factors like business location, latency, router, wireless setup, computer, etc., are also involved in the fees and affect internet speed. Still, if your internet expense is more than the expected amount, it is crucial to ensure that expenses are worth it.

Solution The best solution to get over this problem is to take an internet speed test at different times of the day to determine how well the internet is working. Is the speed slower than you are paying for? Consider troubleshooting or searching for tips to speed up the wi-fi.

4. You are Not Comparing your Options 

There are approximately 2,000 internet providers in Texas, and your internet options depend upon where you live.  So, track the best providers around you and see the options available. 

→ Solution Compare the different service providers as per your internet needs. You can also check online by simply entering the Zip Code to see the Internet options available in your area.

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5. You are Not Buying your Own Router

For people who have business stability, buying their own router pays off. Depending on your current rental fee, the router you rent may become expensive and after some time you may need to change or upgrade it. So, buying a new router may save you money.  

→ Solution Check the list of best routers in the market to check how you can save money by buying your own. Also, rented routers are not of the highest quality, so buying your own might help in boosting Internet Performance.

6. Not Negotiating With your Service Provider

Keep a check on your Internet bill and the Internet speed to know how much you are paying for your connected devices. If you have had the same Internet provider for years, you can work with them to lower the bill.

→ Solution  Do your research on the competition and ask your service provider to give you the best deal. Knowing the competing offers will give you the advantage that you can switch to move to another company if their plan doesn’t fit your budget.

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7. The Switching Problem

Many broadband users are not aware of the status of their contracts. They don’t know that their internet bill will rise once the deal ends. Furthermore, they don’t search for better alternatives or compare options available to them.

Nowadays, broadband providers send their customers the end-of-contract notification, informing them about the current tariff and the best deals available. Still, many consumers don’t think about switching to a better deal with their current service provider and pay more.

→ SolutionThe solution is to negotiate with your contractor and look for better deals to save dollars. Don’t think that you are bound to buy a deal only when your contract expires. Internet providers often provide offers or deals at the end of the three-month quarter if they haven’t reached their financial targets. So, keep an eye on all the offers available to you.

How to choose a business internet service provider

How To Choose A Business Internet Service Provider To Make The Most Out Of It?

Now you know the reasons why you might be overpaying your internet service provider. Below are the top considerations when choosing an internet provider for your business:

  • Pick the right type of internet connectivity, i.e., cable internet, satellite internet, DSLR, etc. Nowadays, fiber optic internet is gaining traction as it offers higher speed with no signal loss.
  • Look for the additional services they provide.
  • Check if they provide the right internet bandwidth and speed they need.
  • The internet service provider should have a robust security protocol.
  • The ISP should offer good customer support service.


Whether you are using your Internet for work, movies, playing video games, or streaming TV, it isn’t easy to live without the internet.  The above-mentioned are the most important things to check when adopting a new internet service provider to keep your business on a budget. At, TeleCloud we provide affordable internet packages and the best services with customized plans.


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