How to Call Australia from the US?

How to Call Australia from the US

Good business communication involves the consistent flow of information both within and outside the organization, and, for that, they rely on calling. However, calling from the US to Australia can make you pay lots of dollars. That’s why you must plan your calls if you need to call Australia from the US.

One of the most important factors to consider when understanding how to call Australia from the US is the time difference. The reason is that the center of Australia is approximately 14:45 hours ahead of the center of the US. That’s why you plan your calls accordingly. 

To make it more seamless for you, let’s get into this guide to help you understand how to call Australia from the US. 

Here’s What You Will Read in This Blog:
  1. How to Call Australia from the US?
  2. Factors to Consider Before Dialing to Australia from the US
  3. Some Standard Australia Area Codes
  4. How Much does it Cost to Call Australia from the US?
  5. How to Reduce Calling Costs to Australia?

(And, Finally The Most Reliable Solutions for all to Call Australia from the US at the Lowest Cost Possible )

Let’s get started!

How to Call Australia from the US?

You need to follow a couple of steps when calling someone in Australia from the US. For those who haven’t done this before, it might seem not very easy. But, keep your worries aside, as we will tell you the complete process of dialing from the US to Australia in a few minutes. 

Identifying the Call Type before Calling Australia from the United States

Before figuring out the actual process to dial to Australia from the US, let’s quickly see how to identify the call type.

1. Landline Calls (How do I Make Calls to Australia from the US using a Landline?)

When you are using a landline system to call Australia from the US, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Dial 011 – the exit code of the United States
  • Now, press 61, the country code for Australia
  • Right after, click the city code for that particular city (for example-2 for Sydney)
  • Now, enter the phone number and wait for the bell to ring before speaking to another person in Australia. 

Yes, it is that simple! 

2. Cell Phones Call (How do I make calls to Australia from the US using a cellphone?)

It is easy to call Australia using a cellphone, just like the landline. Calling from the phone is similar to what we just told when using the landline. However, the only difference could be the cost. 

Here are the steps to follow when calling Australia from the cellphone in the US:

  • Use the Exit Code for the US, i.e., 011 
  • Now dial the country code for Australia (61)
  • Dial the city/area code using your cellphone
  • And, finally, enter the seven digits of the phone number you are dialing

After you have typed the entire number, it would look something like this;


3. Business Calls (How do I make business calls to Australia from the US?)

Many businesses call Australia from the US with the purpose of business. However, it is not as easy on the pocket as it seems. The call costs to dial to Australia from the US can break the bank. However, if you find a suitable alternative for your business, you can surely save a lot of money. 

Anyway, businesses shouldn’t rely on traditional calling systems for dialing internationally. The costs that businesses end up paying for communicating to Australia or any other country can be exorbitant. Instead, look for a better alternative that can save you money while making your calls more seamless. 

Calling Australia from the US

Here are the step-by-step instructions for calling Australia from the US:

  1. Dial the Exit Code of US (011)
  2. Dial the Australian Country Code (61)
  3. Dial the City Code (Eg: Sydney 2)
  4. Dial the Rest of the Phone Number

Finally, here is the basic format of your phone number along with the country code, area code, and exit code that you will dial when calling Australia from the United States.

Australian phone number structure

Now, let’s explore these steps in detail;

Step 1: Dial the Exit Code of the United States 

To place a call from the United States to Australia, you will need to dial the exit code of the United States first. The exit code for the US is 011, using which you are signaling the carrier that you are calling outside the US. 

Step 2: Dial the Australian Country Code 

Once you have dialed the US exit code (011), you will enter the Australian country code 61. So, once you have dialed 011, press 61, and it will look something like this: ‘011-61.’ Dialing 61 means telling your phone system that your call is entering Australia and exiting the US. 

Step 3: Locate the City Code of Australia 

The third step is to get the city code ready when calling Australia from the United States. Every city has a unique code to dial to Australia. A simple google search can help you find all the codes for the cities in Australia. 

For example, Sydney’s city code is 2 and  8 for Rockingham. 

City code is essential, and without it, you won’t be able to place the call to Australia from the US.  

We are adding here the list of codes for each state of Australia:

Australian city codes for calling

Note: The city code in Australia is Single Digit.

Step 4: Omit the Zero 

Disregard the zero as it is always in front of the domestic Australian phone numbers. Make sure not to use zero at the front of the phone number when dialing someone in Australia from the United States. 

Step 5: Use the Phone Number 

Once you have entered the exit code and country code (and omitted the zero), enter your phone number. So, it will look something like this:


Dialing from the United States to Australia is pretty simple, though! 

But, hey, it is not just about dialing another person in Australia at any time. The time difference between both countries is huge. And, to make it a decent call, you will have to consider a few points in mind. Here are the essential points to consider before calling Australia from the US! 

Factors to Consider Before You Call Australia from the US

We understand that it could be your first time calling Australia from the US. So, being a first-time caller to Australia, you can face some issues. To avoid any potential misunderstandings and concerns while calling, you will have to bear certain points in mind.

Here it is!

Figure Out the Best Time to Call

Indeed, you don’t want to disturb the other person, right? So, the best thing is to figure out the best time to call the person sitting in Australia. The best is to understand the difference between the time zone of Australia and the United States. 

Australia has three main Time Zones, including:

  1. Australian Eastern Standard Time 
  2. Australian Central Standard Time 
  3. Australian Western Standard Time 

The time difference between Australia and the United States is huge, and you will have to plan your call accordingly. The center of Australia is 14:45 hours ahead of the center of the US. So, it is better to calculate the best time to call someone in Australia based on these time zones. 

Area Code of the Place You are Calling in Australia 

When calling your business partner or family or friends in Australia, you can’t simply dial the phone number. It is essential to dial the exact area code; otherwise, you will be troubled while placing the call. 

So, here’s the table showing specific area codes along with the location. Check it out!

Complete List of Australian City Codes


Can you tell what area code you will dial if you were to call Rockhampton? 

Cost of the Call to Australia from the US

Calling Australia from the US can be an expensive deal if you are not relying on an excellent alternative to the phone system. Dialing from the US to Australia can be pretty straightforward; however, the costs are super daunting. 

So, we suggest you avoid relying on a traditional phone system for calling someone in Australia from the US. Instead, look for a better alternative that can save you money. 

Call Scheduling 

We just mentioned above how huge is the time difference between Australia and the US. Considering that, one should not call inappropriate time to make the call awkward rather than decent. Schedule calls at a time that is good for both of you. 

You can try to disturb your friends living in Australia once in a while, but if you are calling your business associate, we would suggest scheduling the call at an appropriate time. 

How Much Does it Cost to Call Australia from the US?

The basic cost to dial someone in Australia is pretty high. Businesses might not mind paying this cost once in a while. However, when your entire business relies on making hundreds of international calls every day – traditional phone systems are not what you can rely on. 

You might have noticed that we are constantly mentioning switching to a better alternative throughout the blog. So, now we will tell you about that alternative, which can help you save a lot of money, time, and effort. 

How Do I Reduce Calling Costs to Australia from the US? 

Calling Australia can be pricey, especially if the calls are made frequently. The good news is that you can reduce these calling prices. Check with the service provider for the exact calling rates first. That will come in handy when you switch to an alternative. 

That reliable and affordable alternative is a Voice over IP Telephony!

When you switch to a VoIP phone system, international calling seems way more affordable and effective, Unlike phone systems, the calls don’t drop, and   the prices don’t increase. Since VoIP uses an internet connection, calls are bound to drop only when the internet connection is interrupted.

Hence, all you need to keep VoIP running for efficient and high-quality international calls is – A Reliable and Steady Internet Connection. VoIP helps your business experience some amazing benefits, which are as follows: 

  • Low call costs 
  • HD Voice quality 
  • Modern calling features
  • Constant Support 
  • Supports Multitasking 
  • Easy Voice Recording 
  • Scalable, Flexible, and Accessible 
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Here’s The Solution to Lower Your International Calls Cost 

We know you are willing to lower the call cost when calling Australia from the United States. And, if international calling is a regular thing for your business, switching to VoIP is an ideal solution for you. You can easily cut down on high calling costs and improve the quality of your calls. 

TeleCloud can be your reliable VoIP partner if you are looking for trustworthy and dependable VoIP solutions for your business. Hundreds of companies trust our business communication experts. We ensure you just pay for the right solutions that are right for your business. 

We intend to bring a wave of high-quality calling into your system – affordable and reasonable – and something that you can rely on, without any hesitation. Thanks to the latest technologies that help you set up your international calling feature in less than five minutes. TeleCloud’s responsive customer support ensures all your business communication needs are addressed instantly. 

In the absence of VoIP, you might end up paying three times more on international calls. And when you choose as your VoIP partner, you experience convenient, affordable, and instant call solutions to dial Australia from the US or anywhere else within a few seconds. 

Dialing to Australia from the US and wish to call at the least price possible? TeleCloud gives you access to premium VoIP systems and other communication solutions at the best price in the market. 

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